How to Completely Remove Kaspersky Antivirus?

17 Oct

Kaspersky is one of the well known providers of computer security software with various software variants such as, Antivirus, Internet Security, and Total Security. Like other security software Kaspersky contains your subscription and product key information along with personal information such as, name and email address, etc. This information maintains integrity between a consumer and vendor by providing timely software updates and continuous virus protection to a user. If you remove the antivirus protection you may not be able to access the information and software patches.

There are several long methods to remove it, but Kaspersky Support presenting you the 2 shorter ones. You can use any of them as per your convenience.

Removing with the Uninstaller Utility

  1. Step: Go to the start menu, type Run in the search bar and press Enter. Type appwiz.cpl in the box and click Ok. (If the command doesn’t work, follow the second step.)
  2. Step: Click on the start menu, on your right select the Control Panel after that choose Programs and then Programs and Features. Select the antivirus application, on your atop of windows a button Uninstall should be there, click on that button.
  3. Step: Now, the uninstaller wizard will begin to appear, select the Complete Uninstall button and click on Next.
  4. Step: This process may take several minutes; let the uninstaller finish its job after, the uninstaller may prompt you a notification to restart your computer, click Yes.

Your antivirus is completely removed from your system. However, if you encounter an error during the process, follow the other method.

Using the Kaspersky Removal Tool

  1. Step: Go to the Kaspersky official website, and download and install the Kaspersky Removal Tool.
  2. Step: On your desktop, double-click on the tool icon. (If the icon is not present on the desktop, go to the start menu, run a search and open it.)
  3. Step: When the program starts, you will see a string of numbers and letter at the top of the window; copy that string.
  4. Step: Click the drop-down menu and choose the name of the product that you want to complete remove from your computer, and finally click the Remove button.

We Kaspersky Support have tried our best to explore what we could. But you are still facing the same issue or have queries; contact Kaspersky Helpline Number 1-844-888-3870 We have a team of experts who will be glad to help you!

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